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Filthy Acquisitions

Filthy Acquisitions - Edmond Manning imageAs an emotional person, I like it when my books make me feel. And that's how I finished this book

imageAs someone who constantly tries to improve one's personality, I loved this story for making me want to be a better human being. Books like that give me an opportunity to reflect on my own virtues and faults, the decisions I've made in the past. And I'd like to think that they help me learn how to make positive changes in my life.
"Don't wait until you're dying to recognize what's important."And, being a devoted collector of wisdom, I couldn't leave this out:
"You go through life, and disappointments come your way. Death. Dreams that never come true. You acquire a little filth. You lose a little of your dreams. You get obsessed with money or status, or a raise. Filthy acquisitions."imageAs a hopeless romantic, I need to see my MCs happy, forgiven and redeemed, so that I could bask in their joy myself, even for a brief moment.

imageAdd to that my appreciation for a flawless writing that makes me pause and think, and touches something deep inside me, and I'm a very satisfied reader.


***4.8 stars***

P.S.: I should probably warn all erotica lovers not to expect too much steam from this read. However, I would strongly advice to overlook the lack of sex (or rather, the small amount of it) and give this book a chance anyway. It's definitely worth it.