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Into Deep Waters

Into Deep Waters - Kaje Harper “You're better than family, Daniel. You know that. You're the other half of me.”
What a wonderful life story!

Two innocent young men finding each other in the unlikeliest place at the hardest time and despite everything life throws at them, they not only survive, but stay true to each other and carry their love for the rest of their lives.

Fast-paced and very well-written, it is an emotional and thought-provoking journey. Even without too much angst and drama, it tugged at my heartstrings at every turn. There were so many beautiful thoughts in a book that at times I sat astonished with the truth of it all. Especially painful was having been shown how fast our life really flies. And that the best we could hope for and what matters most is having people we love around for as long as possible, appreciate each other, treasure the memories created together. And just live.

I wish I read the whole book in one sitting, though. But I've been seriously distracted with the horrible events taking place back where my own family lives, and I've had a wandering mind lately. But even with all my breaks, I found this story amazing.

***4.5 stars***