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Between the Devil and Desire

Between the Devil and Desire - Lorraine Heath I should have listened to my inner voice and allowed some time before jumping into the sequence straight away.

As it is, I found it similar in its structure and development, but lacking the spark the first book has had. To be honest, I've straggled to finish it. When I start skipping the sex scenes, especially the highly anticipated ones, I know I'm reaching my limit.


Yet, the ending had saved it for me. LH wraps up her books nicely. Her storytelling has always some moral in it. And I've come to appreciate her wisdom.

“It is not what I deserve, but then that is the beauty of mercy. It allows even the worst of sinners to be forgiven.”

As always, beautifully written. I just wish I found it as captivating as its prequel. Maybe it's just my fault. Perhaps, two historical romances in a row is one too many for me these days. But I'll definitely come back to this author in the future.

***3.5 stars***