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Subject 19

Subject 19 - Todd Young

At the beginning I thought it would be about porn industry, and with some disappointment, thought - here we go AGAIN. But I should have given more credit to this author. His books might have a huge dose of creepiness in them, but they are different, unique in a way. And I praise his imagination and courage to write about risky subjects.

I can see how it can work for some and appall the others, but luckily, I'm in the former category of people. Seeming to have established a connection with Todd's peculiar world, I find his writing fascinating and alluring. Not to mention really really hot! I respect other reader's opinions and wouldn't argue their view on this. But in return, I expect the same. Because I don't care what others think. I liked it.

Having said that, I did think he has overdone a bit with the details and while the whole thing worked for me most of the times, the final testing of that creepy machine was boggling my mind, and not in a good way.

And another issue I've had with the book (and it was entirely my fault, as usual!) was my crash on Ice. *sigh*. For some reason, I couldn't bring myself to like Sean and, like a fool, I hoped against hope that Isaiah will be the hero. How is it that I always pick up the wrong guy to root for, I have no clue. I mean, I got used to the idea of Sean in the end, but I still felt defeated because of it. And even with them, I would've like to see some life after their trial, just to shake the darkness off.

The cover is brilliant though. Very fitting. And with all the extensive descriptions in the book, I really felt trapped in that building myself. So just like Joel, I've found my ecstasy there, but was happy to finally break free ;)


***3.8 stars***