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Sempre (Forever, #1)

Sempre (Forever, #1) - J.M. Darhower That's it! I've had enough!

There's so much in here that rubs me the wrong way, I'm surprised I've gone this far as it is.

DNF @70%

I'll start with the worst, and move on upward

imageIt was waaaaaay too long and too slow!!! I mean, this is like reading someone's diary: all the meals they're having, bathroom breaks, lectures at school, overstuffed descriptions, constant dialogues that don't contribute to the story - there's only so much your brain needs to get the image. Why overdo it? Quantity doesn't necessarily mean quality. If I were to edit this book, it will shrink to the one third of it. The rest is absolutely useless, in my opinion.

imageLove at first sight is a guarantee for a boring romance, not to mention a huge mistake in a book of 1500 epub pages. What does it leave a reader with? Exactly - nothing to look forward to. In my case, it also means being unable to connect to the couple and believe in their romantic relationship.

imageCarmine, who is your typical rich and spoilt teenager, behaving like a first-class asshole and a womaniser. Not only is he drinking alcohol more often than not and uses drugs, but he also pushes an innocent girl whom he claims to like do the same! Oh, and don't forget his violence towards anybody who will as much as look at the girl, landing those guys in a hospital! What kind of chivalry is that? And, as soon as the magical L-word is out (which was way sooner than realistically possible), the guy drops all his 'faults' and becomes a saint. Sorry, but I don't buy this kind of romance.

imageAbsence of steam. None whatsoever. I can handle it better in a normal-sized book, but to go for so long without any adrenaline is stressing me out.

imageMafia world. It's my personal opinion, of course, but when the mafia is the central force in the story, I can't help but dislike it normally. There are exceptions, but this was not one of them unfortunately.

imageLack of drama. And by this I mean the lack of anything significant. There was no hardship for two young people to become close, no problems, arguments or even misunderstandings in their relationship. The only captivating thing about the MCs and the whole book in general, was the mysterious past of the girl and what was so important about her role that turned DeMarco's world upside down. This was the only reason I kept on reading. And as soon as my questions were answered more or less, I've decided to give up...

imageFinally, I don't know if I'm getting older, but I found myself much more fascinated with Carmine's father, Vincent. I'd much rather see him recover from his loss, try to redeem himself and stop this lonely existence. If I cared for anybody's happy ending here, it would be his. But for some reason, I don't see it happening, so there goes my last hope.