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Spin Out - James Buchanan 3.8 stars

Spin Out was the opposite of Hard Fall, in my opinion.

Some things better, some worse, but it felt different in almost every way.

In this instalment, Joe annoyed me more often than not, but I got to love Kabe more. Despite being ten years younger, he appeared to be more reasonable than Joe.

The mystery part was much better thought out, and I enjoyed puzzling over who's done what. In fact, I was so focused on that, the MC's relationship became almost secondary.

For the first half of the book I just didn't feel as invested into the story as I've been while reading Hard Fall. In fact, the whole misunderstanding between Joe and Kabe bothered me to the point where I just wanted to move on. Then, luckily, some things happened in the middle of the book, and I was back on track.

Another difference - I didn't enjoy the sex scenes in Spin Out. The mild BDSM that is going here is probably supposed to spice things up, but with me it had the opposite effect. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a vanilla kind of girl, and like some kink from time to time, but after reading so many BDSM books in the past, I think it all starts to blur after a while. And it needs that little something to pick my interest, something like in the first book. That was edgy and risky and wild - exactly what's needed for the wicked Dom/Sub's encounters. Otherwise, it gets old quickly.

However, overall, it was an enjoyable read. There were a few characters that grew on me even more since the first book. You can't help but love Nadia and Sheriff Simple for their support and friendship. It's always nice to see that some people care and stick by you no matter what hardships you face in life. Joe is lucky to have them.

The ending was nice too. I could finally feel some real feelings between Joe and Kabe building, and the promise of a long-lasting relationship.
“I don’t need you…but, boy, I need you.”So, he finally admits it!

And that gives me hope ;)