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My Favorite Uncle

My Favorite Uncle - Marshall Thornton BR with Lena, Sofia and Rosa

3.8 stars

“It’s different. Carter is homeless.”
“You’ve never slept with a homeless person? You do need to get out more.”
“I’m not throwing him out.”
“Well, congratulations, you’re a parent.”
“Oh my God, what am I going to do?”
“Do what any red-blooded American woman does. Call his father and ask for child support.”


No, actually, Martin wasn't that malicious. For all his talk of giving up on Carter, he was protective, caring and supportive (well, most of the times anyway) and he'd become a better uncle to Carter than Paul had ever been.

My Favorite Uncle started as a comedy, but then turned out more serious than I expected. Which is not a bad thing because I enjoy MT's philosophical thoughts as much as his sense of humor. I really felt sorry for a young, naive and full of life Carter for what his family has put him through. The lonely life Martin lived was sad, too. But despite their differences, constant 'fighting' and occasional mischiefs, the uncle and his nephew had managed to become close and improved each other's lives considerably. And the ending was endearing.

“You know,” Martin said, “one of the hardest things to accept in life is that people love you as much as they can. It’s almost never enough, but it’s all there is.”

Reading Marshall Thornton is always a pleasure. He is an author I trust to never disappoint. And he hasn't. Not once. I might have liked some of his books better than the others, but that's just my personal preference and the fact remains - he is a very talented writer, and I highly recommend him to everyone.

P.S.: Even though I jumped into this BR late, I'd like to thank my girls for their company ♥