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Billy's Bones

Billy's Bones - Jamie Fessenden Very disturbing.

It all started quite romantic. Nice and slow, it was very promising.


Then it's all gone wrong..


“Some people invest so much of their time and energy into fabricating a safe, comfortable world for themselves they’ll turn on anyone who threatens that illusion.”
Now I'd like to point out that I have a soft spot for abused people and tortured souls. However, in this case, I was just annoyed with Kevin. Apart from pitying him, I didn't feel any connection to him as a person, and even less chemistry between him and Tom. Theirs was a relationship I found hard to believe in. In fact, I didn't get any insight into what in particular attracted these two men to each other. Add to that any lack of steam, and you get a pretty dry romance.

On the other side, I thought the writing was quite good and the mystery with all its gory details was as interesting as it was disconcerting. I wasn't expecting that outcome at all, it caught me unaware. And only then I've realized where the title is coming from.

So if I were to judge it as a mystery or suspense, I'd rate it closer to 4 stars, but as a romance, it was about 2.5, in my opinion.

Overall, 3.3 stars.