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Hard Fall

Hard Fall - James Buchanan Wow!

While I've certainly encountered lots of naked men, ropes and other restraints in my previous books, nothing has been quite as 'sextreme' as the scenes from Hard Fall. I think I'll add them to the collection of my fantasies ;)

Because, you see..
“New experiences, what my Grams says, keeps us from going bat-shit in old age.”
I might not have such new experiences in real life, but boy do I live vicariously through my books..

And this was one hell of a ride.

But it's not just the hotness that appealed to me. I loved Joe and Kabe, their story, the problems they faced and how thy dealt with them. Their passion for mountains and climbing is contagious. I could see the beauty of those Utah mountains all the way from the UK. I've suddenly started longing for a wilderness break myself.

Two things I thought could have been different though. First, the mystery. The potential was really good, but it didn't turn out as nail-biting as I expected. The outcome was easily predicted and the mystery resolved without any trouble. And my second issue was the slang. Even after getting used to it, I still found it distracting. It's just my personal opinion, of course, but I would still have a perfect image of a country man without him talking that way. I think I would have liked him even more!

The best way to describe the main guys:

“I'm just Joe Peterson. Sheriff or no, I'm a country boy with maybe some big city urges ... but what you see is what you get." He needed to understand that. "I like my evenings long, I like my lemonade sweet and I don't go 'round pretending that I'm something more than that.”
"Mountains and ropes ain't good enough for him, sir." My Kabe, the adrenaline junkie. "He had to go trespass and climb a man-made structure with just his fingers and toes to hold on with. In search and rescue, we call it 'you fall, you die' style climbing."
"Impressive and stupid." The judge shook his head.

And together:
“I'm falling too, it's likely to kill me."
As he rolled his head to look at me, the stars shone in his eyes. For a moment my heart stopped beating. "It's not the fall you know." His breath was all warm on my cheek. "It's that sudden stop at the end that does it.”
“Just before I kissed him, I whispered, "I hope it doesn't hurt much.”


To be continued..