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Dark Soul Vol. 3

Dark Soul Vol. 3 - Aleksandr Voinov “Silvio’s searching for something. He always has been,” Franco murmured under his breath. “Something I could never give him.”

“What is that?” Marino leaned forward.

“A place to be himself. Somebody who accepts him as he is, darkness and all."

3.7 stars

Oh my, it's way too hot in here.
I think I've just had a shock therapy. Somewhat twisted and percieved as wrong in normal circumstances, this could be seriously frowned upon in a real life, but who cares about normal anyway?

The series get better and more complicated. There's another player added to the whole mess. I honestly can't even begin to predict how it will all turn out. So many obstacles out there, I've started wondering if it might NOT be a romance after all. But I'll find out soon enough ;)