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Perfect Day

Perfect Day - Josh Lanyon A very emotional short story about the unrequited love. Beautifully written and thought out. The characters come alive from the first page. Lanyon doesn't mess around. I like that. Usually, I need more time to develop feelings for my MCs, but found myself involved and caring from the beginning. Plus, it hit too close home. I'm sure, at some point in our lives, many of us had fallen for someone who wouldn't return the feelings. And it hurts like hell to be unloved, rejected, it makes you feel unworthy and insecure.

How did people get over this?
They obviously did. Every day someone fell in love with the wrong person and had to pack up all their fragile, misguided hopes and unwanted affection, and move on to the next picnic table.

I wish people didn't need to have a close call to be able to see that sometimes the person they're looking for

is right next to them.


***4.8 stars***