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Boystown 6: From The Ashes: A Nick Nowak Mystery

Boystown 6: From The Ashes: A Nick Nowak Mystery - Marshall Thornton “Was that all life really was? A series of betrayals? Was there no way we could avoid damaging each other?”
What a breathtaking journey it had been. It was intense, all-consuming, poignant and thought-provoking. And luckily, it's not over yet..
“Questions, all I had were questions. It occurred to me that questions were really all there ever was. We almost never found answers in life.”
Reading Boystown is like having a neverending fever. It's very contagious and those starting the series should know that they are in a real danger of getting addicted. Because it leaves no one unaffected.

The power of words has no limits. Marshall Thornton creates this perfectly imperfect character of Nick that we can't help but wish to fix and hope for some joy in his life. He makes mistakes, he falls, gets up again and slowly crawls his way forward. Just like he says, he is a weed. He also reaches deep inside you and takes a special place that you know will always be reserved for him.

In this book, we see Nick lonely and despaired, half-heartedly attempting to fill the void inside him one moment, and giving up the next.
“If you have nothing, you have nothing to lose. That’s how I’d wanted my life to be."
But despite the distance he keeps and the isolation he tries to maintain, he discovers that there are people in his life to whom he really matters. All he needs to do is accept their love, forgive himself and those he feels betrayed him, and build a new life from the ashes.

I must confess, after a roller coaster of the previous book that blew me away, it was slightly bewildering to slow down so much. I think, I have to reluctantly admit that while I enjoyed and admired the less shocking sixth instalment, my favorite remains a book #5.

Now I'm just desperate for more. This series had left me with a crushing book hangover that will most likely take a while to go away. I really hope we get to see more of Nick very soon again. And, if M.Thornton is so inclined, a little (or better yet, MORE!) happier next time.