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Every Time I Think of You - Jim Provenzano Jim Provenzano is one of the most ingenious writers I've ever encountered. His skill alone deserves all the praise it can get. The writing style is so captivating that it's impossible to put the book down. The only issue I had was with the story itself (and it's entirely my fault, I admit). Having jumped into it without any glimpse into the blurb or other hints, I have misjudged it completely for the most part of the book. I kept thinking of Everett as a temporary feature, expecting some more favorable man to appear on a horizon for our Reid. Perhaps, it was partly due to the time when the story was being unfolded. I thought that this was about Reid's first unfortunate romantic experience, and then we'll meet him when he's grown up and trying to find his happiness again. Maybe even with the more mature and reformed Everett. So, my imagination got the worst of me this time. And I was slightly shocked when the story ended while the boys were still, well, the boys. But after my initial confusion evaporated, I got to appreciate the result anyway. It's a great, masterfully weaved story. 4.5 stars!