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Destroyed - Pepper Winters This book has made me so furious I had to abandon it at 80%. Just couldn't put up with such an abusive bastard anymore! No woman should deal with that attitude. I can't even contain my rage. Why does an average female reader like this kind of a man, is beyond me. No matter what excuse there is or what scenario, I think it sends the wrong message to the whole female population. Women should NEVER suffer through this kind of abuse, let alone forgive and stay, and hope there's a cure for such a monster!

On a top of this, I have a comment regarding Fox's first language. In my opinion, if you create a foreign character, make sure you do your research right. Because the words and phrases Roan was saying in Russian didn't make any sense and looked like they were a product of a google translate. I realize that not many would understand anyway, but to me it made Fox fake. Even more points against him. So I had to give it up.