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Special Forces - Veterans

Special Forces - Veterans - Aleksandr Voinov, Marquesate, Vashtan HUGE 5 +++ stars!

What an emotional journey! It's been one of the longest, heartbreaking, exhausting and in the end, the most rewarding reads in my life! I kept thinking that it reminded me of "War and Peace" in a modern, erotic and twisted way. And I am absolutely delighted that unlike the characters of the other masterpiece, these 'prisoners of war' has made it out not only alive but with their well deserved happy ending, too. After devoting two months to Dan and Vadim's story, I feel like I've actually met them and know them very well. And it's really sad to let them go, but I know they'll stay in my memory forever! <3<br/>
I would like to say Thank you to those who wrote positive reviews to every book of the series encouraging me to not give up and push my limits. The whole two months of ignoring everybody around me, the lack of sleep and the constant turmoil of emotions have been really worth it! Thank you, guys! And, of course, Aleksandr Voinov, for creating such a brilliant saga! Thank you!