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Thief - Tarryn Fisher This was a pure torture! The three books have put me through so much anguish and heartache that I can't possibly rate them anything less than 5+ stars! I must be a masochist when it comes to choosing my books, because as long as I get my HEA, I can withstand as much drama as possible and enjoy it even more for it. In fact, the more heartbreaking it is, the better. After a good book I need to feel used, abused, turned inside out and blown away. And that's how I felt after the Love Me With Lies trilogy.

However, although it ticked all the boxes on my "emotional roller coaster list", I wished for a proper HEA instead of a bittersweet one. In my opinion, after all their misery and suffering, it was crucial to give Olivia and Caleb the sweetest possible ending, but I guess they are too broken, and it's too late for that. And, the most important point of it all is that that's how real life is. We meet people, fall in love with them, make stupid mistakes, misunderstand each other and separate, then very often remember them and regret. So maybe even despite a very high price Olivia and Caleb had paid to be together, they were still the lucky ones, because their love has survived everything and brought them back to each other for good.