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Chase in Shadow

Chase in Shadow - Amy Lane Oh, I really wanted to like it. But it didn't work for me, unfortunately .:(

Maybe, I was in the wrong mood or because I have been interrupted a lot. . It didn't help that the story kept going back and forth, jumping ahead and then explaining later. I found it a little tiring. Also, Chase and Mercy annoyed me. He for being too week, she for being so blind and clueless. In the end, I almost hated Mercy for her decision. How could a girl be so sweet and cry over the idea of putting a mousetrap and then want to either kill her own baby or give it away??? It's inhuman! And doesn't compare to a thousand of mousetraps! I've recently become a mother myself and it's going against everything I believe in..

So yes, I am probably a little disappointed. But don't let my opinion stop you from reading it. If I read it some other time I think I could have liked it more.