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Consequences - Aleatha Romig Ok, this book has fooled me completely!

I've spent about 95% of it feeling so angry about the whole slow-paced routine and the contest that seemed very boring and pointless. While reading thousand epub pages about constant abuse, I was appalled and enraged that such a 'romance' could appeal to so many readers. In fact, feeling my blood boil slowly throughout a book, I knew I had to either leave it or talk about it and push myself to the end to see WHY the ratings are so high...

As a romance reader I hated the book! It was everything I'm working hard against. But when I got to the last 5% of it, I've finally realized that it's not a romance. It's a thriller, a very dark and complex psychological thriller. And when I finished the first instalment (about 3 am), I couldn't sleep. I got overdosed. And now that I know that this is not my usual romance, I can't wait to untangle this whole mess and see where it goes.

I'm glad I didn't abandon the Consequences somewhere in the middle. It goes to show once again how deceiving the first impression could be (so could appearance!) and with a little patience and time we could see the real essence of things.

I just want to add that I didn't enjoy most of it, because it bothered me that so many female readers were finding such an abusive hero attractive, and at the time I thought the writer wanted to justify his actions and make us forgive him. But that's not the case. And for that reason, I recommend this book to anyone with the only advice not to perceive it as a romance. If you read it as a mystery or a thriller and keep in mind that underneath this violent routine there is a brilliant plot, you won't regret it! And I loved the cover.

As to me, I'm starting the Truth right now!