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Seduced in the Dark - C.J. Roberts 5+ stars!

Ok, I quess, it's better to leave a review for both books at ones. Because after finishing the first one, it was impossible not to carry on reading in frustration to find out what happened next.

So, I'll start with admitting that I thought I'm twisted in my head if I like books like that, but I seriously couldn't help it! It pushes your boundaries so much that I can't remember reading another BDSM book that brings so many complicated feelings out of you. Love and hate, well hate, mostly. I also don't remember calling the main male character an asshole so many times, wanting to hurt him so bad and at the same time hoping he will change.

I loved Livvie though. She earned my respect straight away and didn't disappoint me. I admired her courage and wisdom. I also liked that she didn't go crazy about Caleb for a long time unlike the majority of women do in so many books just because a big bad boy goes all alpha on them!

The title in my opinion is very appropriate. It really is a Dark story. It's very edgy and keeps you glued to it despite all the violence and hurt. The writer is really good. It was definitely a difficult story to tell but she managed to do an amazing job! She has found a way to correct two very abused and ruined personalities in a way that gives you hope that no matter what you have been through, if you stay strong, you will survive. And you even may come out better of it. For this only I loved the whole thing and would read it again after a while.

And although I know some readers are confused as to whether or not to buy these two books, I would definitely recommend it just because you wouldn't be able to put them down, once you start. And in the end, when everything is solved, it's nearly impossible not to love it!