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Lonesome Dove

900 pages. I cannot believe it. I kept reading and expecting some story line. What a joke!
About half way through I hoped things will improve. I started getting attached to the characters. But then people started dying and after awhile it got so gloomy I couldn't stand it.
Why is there so much cruelty and death in one single book? There wasn't a single soul in it even half happy.
It says it's a love story. I tell you, it's the opposite. At the beginning I speculated whether it would be Call's story. For some reason, I saw a connection between the title of the book and a loneliness of Captain and was hoping that he will find his happiness after all. Then I've realized it's not going to happen. After that I just wished the crew will make it safe to Montana. And there my hopes went again.
I don't understand why write a long book in such a detail about every person in it and then let almost all of them die? Not just that, but the ones that stayed alive, were as good as dead seeing how unhappy and miserable they were.
I felt depressed for the best part of the book and am surprised I finished it at all. I couldn't help but keep the last hope that there will be at least some redemption at the end. And when it was over, I grew angry.
You know, I read a few historical books such as War and Peace and books about the Second World War, and they all had tought me something. There was a lot of grim reality in them, too and a lot of mistakes made, but there was always hope in the end. That and redemption. Otherwise what is the point?

I hope, I didn't upset all the fans with my review. To be fair, there were a few things I liked about it. One of them being a friendship between all the men. And the wilderness of the country at that time. It kept me reading. And as angry as I might be with the story line, only for those two things I cannot rate it below 3 stars.

I just wish it left me happier, that's all.