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Love Slave - Bertrice Small I remember discovering this book when I was 16 and secretly reading it hoping to not get caught by my parents. Well, either because I was too young or maybe because it was forbidden, I really liked it then and for some reason remembered it for a long time.

However, after I re-read it now, I wasn't sure I liked it as much. I might be prejudiced about this, but I'm not too supportive of the Muslim way of treating women (although it is a story that takes place a thousand years ago), slavery, harems and even some of the traditions. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not trying to disrespect the whole religion, I really don't, but some countries are just too much into it all. And with the women being so independent in the modern society, the idea of being all covered up and hidden from the world, having only one purpose in life which is to obey and give pleasure to your husband (who has the whole harem of other women!) just makes my blood boil. Seriously! We live only one life, for God's sake and we should enjoy it as much as we can! As much as men do!

I really feel strong about this kind of thing and therefore do not welcome anything that shows that such a life could make women happy.

Having said that, I cannot rate this book lower than 3 stars, because A - the love story was nice, and B - that was my first erotic book I've read being a teenager. I definitely learned a few things from it at the time. But I don't think I'll recommend it to my friends though :)