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Hell & High Water (THIRDS Book 1)

Hell & High Water (THIRDS Book 1) - Charlie Cochet At some point in the past, I've overindulged in PNR genre, and just couldn't stomach it anymore. But I've never read PNR M/M before, so I've decided to give it a try. And I'm glad I did, because it was a very entertaining read.

Despite the slow beginning and too many technical details, I got hooked somewhere around 40% of it, and found the THIRDS adorable. I know they were supposed to come across as a special professional military organisation, but their childish bickering and immature behaviour made it hard for me to take them seriously. I loved their bond and affection towards each other, and often found myself laughing at their quips and witty remarks.

Dex is a real child-man. Such a sweetheart. I loved his ability to charm everybody around him and smile even when he hurt. I thought Sloane was a perfect match for him, too. They've had a good chemistry. And the sexual tension between these two was off the charts. The sparks were flying!

However, the mystery part of the book was quite predictable and not very well executed, in my opinion. I've guessed who's the bad guy and how he's done it from the beginning. So it didn't manage to keep me on my toes like a good mystery normally would. But, having said that, the romance here had more than made up for it. Just the right amount of angst and drama for me, it was very engaging, sexy and fun.

I fell in love with the THIRDS guys and I'm looking forward to the second book in the series in hope not only to see more of Dex and Sloane, but to witness some other characters getting their HEA too. Cael and Ash, for instance, please? That would be nice ;)

***3.8 stars***