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Scrap Metal - Harper Fox I feel like I've visited a very beautiful and magical place. Ms Fox's writing is like a canvas - she paints the world so breathtaking and enigmatic you can't help but catch her love and admiration for it.


There was a slow-burning romance that I liked, and quite fascinating characters I grew to respect. The setting was very refreshing, too. Located on a small Scottish island, the farm is so far removed from the civilised world, it reminded me of wild summers of my childhood spent in my Grandma's village. That brought some warm memories and a smile to my face.

I thought all the little myths, the Gaelic language, and a paranormal aspect had added some charm to the story. And of course, Nichol's Granda, Harry, with his loyal dogs, is a very important figure and an integral part of the farm and its history.
“To me, if anything, he was the rocks himself—crusted with barnacles, unchanging, same now as he had been when he put me on his shoulders and bore me down to see the seals on Kildonan strand.”
The plot was good, too. I admired the relationship between Nichol and his Granda, their subtle love for each other, and respect of family values. It was nice to see how Cameron slowly became a part of their lives too and contributed to them. The only thing that I would have liked improved, was the mystery part of it, especially its conclusion. It felt slightly surreal and underplayed to me. But in the end, it didn't matter much, because this is mostly a romance, and a touching one at that.

Overall, a really enjoyable read, my first by Harper Fox and definitely not the last. If you're in the mood for a good romance and an emotional ride, this is the book for you.