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Naked - Todd Young Wow!

So short, but so intense!

And I LOVED it!

Dark and twisted, a story about two tortured souls finding each other in the ugliest circumstances. Just what I like best.

It normally takes a lot more pages for me to feel connected to the MCs, but this was so skilfully written that when I finished it I thought that less is always more..

Doesn't mean I would've minded an explicit epilogue though ;)

***4.5 stars***


P.S.: After reading a few antagonistic reviews of this book, I went into it with extreme caution. I expected something completely immoral being shown as normal. But without spoiling anything, I'd like to say that it is not the case here. Yes, there's something atrocious happening, but the author draws a clear line between right and wrong. So, unless you're easily horrified by some gory details, there's nothing depraved going on between the main characters. Well, almost nothing ;)