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The Summer Garden

The Summer Garden - Paullina Simons I cant possibly give it 5 stars, because it rates much much higher than that.

I don't know how I survived this. Nothing has EVER caused me so much agony. I've finally found the torture even I couldn't handle. I was afraid my hair would go gray after this saga... What a turmoil of emotions! At some point my heart was beating so viciously and my hands were shaking so much, I thought I'd faint. Some parts just broke me.

Everything in The Bronze Horseman was so dear to me from the start. Having been born in Soviet Union and immigrated abroad myself, I know what kind of life Paullina Simons describes here. Having grown up with the horror stories from WWII from my grandparents, their real life stories, I was nothing but completely consumed by this saga. I don't think any review could do it justice. It simply is a must read. It is also a 'ruin read' because from now on nothing will quite measure up to it. And so here I am, overwhelmed and changed beyond recognition, feeling as if I aged a few decades myself at the end of these three books. And all I can think is I wish I could forget it all and start the journey again.

I would probably have been much happier and more whole at the end had it not been for one excruciating incident in a book number three that I still can't forget or forgive, but I realize that life is sometimes cruel to the best of us, and so I accept the heartache. But I'm still quite broken and very sad it's over. Can anybody give me a cure, please?