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The Flame and the Flower

The Flame and the Flower - Kathleen E. Woodiwiss Too confused to write a coherent review on this book. Due to it being written a while ago, when the relationships between a man and a woman had been slightly different, it's probably not my right to criticize whatever way people lived before and how they perceived the world at that point. Being born myself after it was published, and having just read this book, I honestly can't agree with the main hero's behavior and the heroine's response to it. It just rubs me the wrong way! Bad! Perhaps, I am too much of a feminist to enjoy something like that.

I think, The Flame and The Flower needs a reader who approves of a very old-fashioned relationship. Otherwise you're in for a very angry and frustrating ride! However, having said that, I did enjoy the writing and even the story itself most of the times. So, because the book is too outdated to suit my taste, but very well written nevertheless, I've rated it 3 stars. It was still worth reading, if not for reminding me how lucky us modern women are to have our independence and equal rights! It pleases me to no end that I wasn't born in a society where beating, raping and abusing one's wife is a norm! Phew...