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Vain - Fisher Amelie 4.5 stars

Ok, this was a very good read. I liked the plot most. It was refreshing to read about a girl who knew how bad she was from the beginning and yet found a way to redeem herself. I can't but admire Fisher Amilie for writing about an orphanage in Uganda. It made me realize once again how hard a life is at some places and how we've stopped appreciating simple things around us. So, it was not just a regular romance, and that's a big plus in my book.

The only reason why I didn't rate it 5 stars is because I felt a little dissatisfied with the level of intimacy between Ian and Sophie. They made such a beautiful and passionate couple. I just kept holding my breath for the next logical step in their relationship but it has been completely avoided by the writer and in the end I felt like there was some unfinished business despite the HEA. And though I understand that it's a Young/New Adult book and supposed to have limits in a way, I still found myself wishing for more steam. Other than that, it's definitely a must read! I highly recommend it!